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IT engineer, cryptography-cybersecurity F/M


  • Published date : Oct 5, 2023
  • Contract : CDD - 12 months
  • Place : Limoges (87) or Talence (33)
  • Status : Executive manager

Main mission

As part of one of the innovative projects supported by AST, intended to develop cryptography solutions resistant to quantum computers, we are looking for a Computer Engineer with experience in cryptography and cybersecurity. The position will be based at the Xlim laboratory in Limoges or at the Optical Institute in Talence.

As a maturation engineer, you will be under the responsibility of a SATT project manager who will assist you in monitoring and executing the maturation project in question. In a more operational way, you will evolve within the laboratory, and interact regularly with the researchers and members of the laboratory, at the origin of the project.

You are in charge of the development of new cryptography products (known as post-quantum) and participate in the development of a dedicated startup.

Qualification level

Master or Engineering Diploma in IT with experience in cryptography and cybersecurity.

You have at least one experience as a software designer and security systems development. Examples of achievements would be appreciated.


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