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Maturation Engineer in Molecular Biology


  • Published date : Jun 15, 2020
  • Contract : CDD
  • Place : La Rochelle (17)
  • Status : Cadre

Main mission

As part of an innovative project at the University of La Rochelle, AST is investing in biotechnology with DOMINOES (Design Of new enzyMes for the biosynthesis of Innovative amiNO acids and peptidES) and is looking for a maturation engineer to participate in the manufacture of a prototype to be presented to the pharmaceutical industries at the end of 2021.
The Maturation Engineer will be under the responsibility of the SATT Project Manager and will assist him in the execution of the maturation project. He / She will be followed operationally by the Scientific Manager or researcher, in the daily execution of the project. The project is focused on the development of a production of an innovative anti-infectious molecule (antibiotic) based on a non-ribosomal peptide structure. Genetic engineering approaches will be used to rethink the enzymes responsible for developing the peptides of interest. Bacterial prototypes will be used for the bioproduction of the innovative antibiotic. The bioproduction path that will be redesigned has been fully described by the research team. An earlier patent has already been filed on the targeted gene cluster. The objective is therefore to develop biotechnology which will then be licensed to a pharmaceutical company.

Qualification level

PhD in molecular biology, microbiology, biosynthesis or equivalent experiences.

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