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Maturation Engineer in Physics / Materials M/F


  • Published date : Mar 30, 2022
  • Contract : CDD - 10 months
  • Place : Toulouse
  • Status : Executive manager

Main mission

As part of an innovative project, supported by SATT Aquitaine, you are integrated into the laboratory of our scientific partner LAAS-CNRS. The main mission is the industrial transfer of a new generation of deformation sensors to the technological start-up Nanomade. This transfer will be carried out on the basis of results obtained within the framework of an ANR project with innovative nanomaterials making it possible to significantly reduce hysteresis phenomena while increasing the sensitivity and stability of the sensors. The objective is to ensure a change of scale of the electrodes to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining the initial performance of the sensors.

Qualification level

Master 2 or Engineer in Physics / Materials


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