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DIAGLYC TECHNOLOGY: artificial pancrea in closed loop

Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Bio-embedded devices


  • rapid quality control of islets before transplantation, stem-cell differentiation protocols, stem-cell derived islets
  • Real-time analysis of islet α-cells and β-cells, islets and their coupling, islets derived from iPSCs
  • Organ-on-chip analysis to replace animal tests, to study drug effects, to study nutritional effects


Islet cells plated on a Multi-Electrode Array (MEA) generate, in response to glucose or other nutrients and hormones, a flow of charges through ion channels near of the microelectrodes.

Two signals are observed: Slow potentials (SP) and action potentials (AP). They reflect single cell bahaviour (AP) and physiologically important intra-organ coupling (SP).

Electronic components provide on-line real-time processing of both types of signals, their direct analysis and scoring


  • Combination of biology and microelectronics offers a direct, easy and user-friendly approach to islet cell activity in physiological settings.

    It provides a versatile Organ-on-Chip approach.


  • Value of DIAGLYC technology :

    • evaluates single cells & islets;
    • offers user-friendly: automatic & multi-modal analysis; non-invasive & -
    • long-term analysis; analysis of intra-islet coupling;
    • repetitive testing of compounds;
    • data classification & storage
    • Research phase: Functional Analysis
    • Clinically oriented: Therapeutic efficacy of a compound: on the micro-organ



Sylvie Renaud, Jochen Lang, Bogdan Catargi



+33 (0)6 59 15 90 55


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