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GaME : Game for Music Education

Domain Leisure & Culture

Technology Content and Experiment Design Technologies


  • Video game for musical instrument learning
  • The solution is adapted to different instruments (guitar, piano, saxophone, percussions ...)
  • GaME can be used:
    • In music schools
    • On e-learning sites
    • As an Edutainment


  • Use of a real instrument as an input controller
  • Chord detection via chroma computation , using the EHPCP (Enhanced Pitch Class Profile) algorithm
  • Distinguishing between major and minor chords
  • Sheet music editor
  • Quantitative data representing the game state and the player’s interactions with the game : time spent, chord played, final score, etc.
  • Use of motivation mechanisms from Game Studies (narration, play, emotion, etc.)


For the learners:

  • Promotes learning through a more regular practice
  • Maintaining motivation by the game universe

For the parents

  • Monitoring child progression and attendance

For the teachers:

  • Educational tool for real-time analysis and monitoring of player performance
  • Personalization of teaching according to the evolution of the learners


Maturation with Aquitaine Science Transfert has led to the development and protection of this software


Pierre HANNA


Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI, UMR 5800)


Elodie DURU