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Real time Hyperspectral imaging of a moving object

Domain Environenment

Technology Modeling, simulation and numerical engineering


Hyperspectral imaging, rich in information, is used in many fields:

  • Biology (real-time living cells analysis)
  • Astronomy (chemical composition of comets)
  • Industrial control.


This device combines the imaging capabilities with those of spectrometry, by associating a spectrum at each point of the image.


  • High-resolutions spectra in real-time (a few tenths of ms) on moving target, independently of their trajectories (92 frames per secondes).
  • Real time Tracking and spectral analysis of objects.
  • High-sensibility sensor.

Current development

New cytometer/cytology design that combines 2D multi-spectral imaging/real-time post-processing of highly select Real time Tracking and spectral analysis of objects live detection features/multiplexed capturing and sorting. This concept corresponds to a paradigm shift in cytometer technology allowing 2D+time target analysis, as well as detecting, tagging and sorting at very high throughput.


Bernard TREGON

Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine (LOMA, UMR 5796)


Matthieu AYFRE