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TMZ : Innovative stratification and therapy for lung cancer management

Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Metaomic


Need to find new patients stratification and target

  • Every 4 minutes, 10 people die from lung cancer in the world
  • Poor outlook for advanced and metastatic patients (5yr survival rate <10% for advanced stages)
  • Chemotherapy remains the backbone with many side effects and poor success
  • Targeted therapy (EGFR, BRAF) only targets few patients and resistance comes rapidly
  • Immunotherapy works well only on a small number of patients, and it is very expensive


 Research team identified oxidative lung tumors,  with a high mitochondrial respiration metabolism,  in 50% of pulmonary adenocarcinomas.

Innovative solution

Bioenergetic precision medecine

  • New stratification : oxidative (OX+) lung  tumors , based on HADHA immunohistology scoring
  • New target : HADHA enzyme, overexpressed in OX+ tumors
  • New drug HADHA inhibitor, reducing tumor proliferation

Competitive advantages

Unique targeted therapy based on energy metabolism

  • Biomarkers for new patients stratification and aid for therapeutic orientation
  • OX+ drug usable alone or in combination with current therapies
  • Alternative solution for chemotherapy resistance
  • Companion test for OX+ patients



Cellular bioenergetics in human physiology and pathology

University of Bordeaux - Rare Diseases, Genetics and Metabolism (MRGM, UMR, 1211)


PCT/EP2018/086278 à Claims multifunctional FAO-OXPHOS complex inhibitor for use in the treatment of high mitochondrial respiration (OX+) cancer.





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