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Magnetothermic Stimulable Nanocarriers

Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Advanced and active materials


This encapsulation technology can be used in the cosmetic or the pharmaceutical (therapeutic, contrast agent) fields.

Vectorization and targeting are strategical subjects for companies in these sectors. The main expected benefits of such nanotechnologies are:

  • Improved efficiency,
  • Decreased side effects,
  • Reduction of the amount of active molecule at each dose,


The present invention proposes a capsule enabling one or more molecules of interest to be encapsulated and released under the influence of an external stimulus. Iron oxide nanoparticles are combined to wax & silica providing magnetically induced microscopic heating. This heating leads to a solid-liquid transition of the wax (expansion of volume) causing the silica shell to break.

The method makes it possible to obtain nano-capsules which, under the effect of a controlled external stimulus, can release substances of interest present in the oily phase, such as pharmaceutical and / or cosmetic products.


  • Traceability for excitation: visible to X-rays or MRI;
  • Silica compatibility with vectorisation and functionalisation;
  • Biocompatibility of both silica and wax (no toxicity);
  • Low manufacturing price.



Véronique SCHMITT


Paul Pascal Research Center (CRPP, UPR 8641)


Olivier SANDRE

Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques (LCPO, UMR 5629)


Patent applications:

WO 2011/12813,

WO 2013/190241,

WO 2013/190240


Jean-Luc Chagnaud


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