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ARPEGE : on-line interface for the medical data of patients suffering from chronic diseases

Domain Health and wellbeing

Technologies Valorisation and intelligence of massive data
Digital exploitation of health data


ARPEGE is an on-line interface for the epidemiological, clinical, biological and behavioral data of patients suffering from chronic diseases, in conjunction with the hospital information system and the various clinical databases.

It allows organization and monitoring of the management of patients suffering from chronic diseases (HIV, Cancer, Diabetis ...)


The potential users are :

  • Clinical researcher, biologist, epidemiologist, statistician, database manager
  • Specialist or generalist doctor, nurse, social worker, secretary, pharmacy
  • Patients


  • Medical database design and management tool
  • It may also be applicable to other chronic pathologies or cancers, requiring monitoring and synthesis.
  • Medical database design and management tools
  • Allows statistical queries that combine several variables
  • Software specific to the user profile
  • Allows the follow-up of a patient cohort
    • Summary reports, graphs, tabular summaries of data on specific variables, synthesis, alerts on selected variables
  • Easy and direct import of information from different sources and media


  • Multi device compatible
  • Modular software architecture
  • ARPEGE is scalable
  • Allow to directly import data and documents from other data sources and other media
  • Allow the user to create and manage its own database with several associated features.
  • ARPEGE fulfills a wide range of needs for the clinician, the hospital manager, and the researchers


Fabrice BONNET

Internal medicine and Infectious diseases unit, University Hospital of Bordeaux


Valérie CONTE

Julien LERAY


Isabelle LOUIS

CREDIM, U 1219


Olivier LELEUX

Methodology and Clinical Trial Management Centre , U1219


This technology is protected by a code deposit at the Program Protection Agency




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