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PROBIOBUCCO : Probiotic Strains for Oral Health

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Technology Probiotic strains for biopreservation and nutrition

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The oral cavity is a complex bacterial ecosystem with a fragile equilibrium which can lead to the development of pathogenic species and oral diseases.

Facing the increasing resistance to antibiotics, replacement therapies that restore the microbial ecological balance are preferred.

  • Oral probiotics, integrated into toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing-gums…, appear as an effective, safe and sustainable solution to prevent and treat oral diseases.


The research team identified 6 probiotic strains among oral isolates of lactobacilli with benefits on oral health

  • Strong co-aggregation with bacteria responsible for periodontal disease, halitosis, caries for a targeted action
  • Good adherence on enamel and great integration to dental biofilm
  • High antibacterial activity against pathogenic strains
  • Control of the immune response and pro-inflammatory pathways induced by pathogens
  • Safety with no transmission of antibiotic resistance genes to the oral ecosystem
  • No production of substances leading to halitosis
  • Persistence of beneficial effects due to survival test in salivary environment.


Prevention and treatment of oral diseases: gingivitis and periodontitis, halitosis (bad breath), caries

  • Development of commensal bacteria favorable to oral health and enhancing the immune response
  • No proliferation of resistant bacterial species compared to antibiotics treatment
  • Durable rebalancing of the oral microbiota


Expertise in oral microbiology Library of more than 200 strains


Marie-Cécile BADET
Professor in Odontology at BORDEAUX University
Dentistry Practitioner