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VORTEX OPTIQUE: Wavelength-tunable Optical Vortex Generator

Domain Digital

Technology Sensors


There are a broad variety of applications of optical vortices in both classical and quantum optics, which cover for instance :

  • optical imaging (from optical nanoscopy to astronomical vortex coronagraphy),
  • optical communications and information,
  • optical processing of materials,
  • optical nano/micro-manipulation and basic research in optics and photonics.


The invention proposes the manufacture of a wavelength tunable vortex generator capable to endow an incident light field with polarization-controlled optical phase singularities. The device is based a simple method and a new vortex generator


  • A vortex beam can simply be generated by placing the vortex generator in the optical path of your light beam.
  • Works for all types of collimated light source and a wide range of wavelength (typically from UV to mid-infrared).
  • Simple and cost-effective manufacturing.



Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine (LOMA, UMR 5796)


Matthieu AYFRE