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Extraction process of terpene compounds

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Technologie Procédés relatifs à la chimie verte


Terpene compounds, the odoriferous constituents of plants, are used for pharmaceutic, cosmetic and perfumery applications.

The new process of terpene compounds extraction uses a green and GRAS solvent, the Ethyl lactate, and allows to retrieve compounds of interest by precipitation, rather than by distillation.

Challenges of current methods

  • They require the use of solvents such as hexane or dichloromethane that are toxic for health, non-renewable and incur significant reprocessing costs since they are classified as pollutants.
  • They need a distillation involving long time heating to remove the extraction solvent, which can be detrimental to the compounds of interest.


Ethyl Lactate is :

  • Safe: no toxicity during extraction process vs hexane or dichloromethane, not carcinogenic, safe for the skin
  • Green: 100% biodegradable and renewable, not pollutant
  • Organic : can be used as food additive, is compatible with organic labeled products
  • A good penetrant into vegetal cells : maximizes the extraction of compounds


The extraction process with Ethyl Lactate :

  • Offers good yield with good specificity : extraction of terpene compounds on a large scale while keeping an extract enriched in compounds of interest
  • Preserves compounds of interest
  • Is more economic: less reprocessing costs, less processing time
  • Can be used to extract compounds from both fresh and dry material




Molecular biology, Synthetic biology, Heterologous expression, Engineering of biosynthetic pathways

BORDEAUX University

Propriété intellectuelle

Patent : WO2018091480







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