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Purification of irone precursors

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Technologie Procédés relatifs à la chimie verte


The irones are precious in perfumery for their smell and their important fixing capacity to keep the perfume persistence in time.

  • The innovation is a method of purification of irone precursors (Iridals), extracted from fresh iris rhizome, using Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC).


Extract and purify irones precursors from rhizomes are huge challenges for perfume industrials

  • Small-scale production: 1 hectare of iris only gives 1kg of absolu
  • Long process : After 2 or 3 years in the soil, the rhizomes are dried for 3 to 5 years
  • Risk of altered quality : Pressure to reduce harvesting or drying times as well as extraction by solvent can affect olfactory quality of the irones
  • Expensive production cost : 100 000€ for 1 kg of absolute


  • Large-scale production: purifying from irone precursors allows to multiply yield by 3
  • Shortened process : only few days by using fresh rhizomes and cutting the 4 years of culture and drying
  • Preserved quality : CPC purification avoids the irreversible adsorption of solvent and guarantees to get the best representation of iridals in the final filtrate, which can extend the perfumer palette.
  • Lowered production cost : This method, fully compatible with an easy industrial scale-up, allows extracting 3 times more irones than current methods in 3 times faster.



Molecular biology, Synthetic biology, Heterologous expression, Engineering of biosynthetic pathways

BORDEAUX University

Propriété intellectuelle

Patent : WO2018091479






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