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DEFICARBONE : Unweaving and realignement machine for carbon fibers

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  • Innovative facility for valorization and recycling of carbon fiber composite materials
  • Production of a new semi product long size 50 200 mm) and highly aligned carbon fibers
  • Usable in numerous


This machine performs the realignment of carbon fibers from carbon fibers fabrics (production off cuts or composite materials, after solvolysis or pyrolysis

This process is in three steps

  • Unweaving of carbon fabric,
  • Re alignment of the carbon fibers
  • Calibration of tapes with a quasi uniform surfacic mass semi product


This machine allows to obtain long recycled carbon fibers 50 200 mm), with more than 80 of the fibers are realigned.

Cheaper than new carbon fiber, and lighter than glass fiber or metallical alloys (such as aluminum), this semi product in recycled carbon fiber is an environmentally friendly alternative for use on semi structural parts




Instituteof Mechanics and Engineering ( I2M, UMR 5295)

Propriété intellectuelle

Patent application : WO 2016/066975 A1


Matthieu AYFRE