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Public procurement

For its purchases, Aquitaine Science Transfert is subject to Ordinance 2015-899 dated July 23, 2015 concerning contracts awarded by certain public or private entities not subject to the French Code of Public Procurement.

For any questions concerning public procurement, please contact the administrative and financial department of Aquitaine Science Transfert: %61%70%70%65%6c%2d%64%2d%6f%66%66%72%65%73%40%61%73%74%2d%69%6e%6e%6f%76%61%74%69%6f%6e%73%2e%63%6f%6d

Ongoing call(s) for tender

18 NP 08 PI - Market access strategy for an engineered skin substitute.

Purpose of the contract

This public tender aims to choose a consultancy firm that will help to define the best market access strategy for an engineered skin substitute.

Terms and conditions

Public contract awarded under special procedure, pursuant to Article L2123-1 of Decree no. 2018-1075 of 12/03/2018.

Deadline for receipt of tenders

09/10/2019 AT 12:00 pm