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Our mission is to accelerate and simplify the transition from research to the market. Intervening upstream of the creation of the company, we are the first link in the innovation chain, also the first to invest in research projects with high potential, ie the first to take a financial bet. on a proof of concept that demonstrates the future economic benefits of innovation.

Aquitaine Science Transfert does the daily bet of breaking innovation, responsible and with a strong societal and economic impact, and has already allowed the blossoming of beautiful stories (Treefrog Therapeutics, Poietis, Argolight, Olikrom, …).


Our goal: to encourage and support the entrepreneurial researchers of tomorrow.

You can invest in many sectors:

  • Health, devices, medical, wellness, biotech
  • Engineering Sciences, ICT
  • New energies, green sectors, chemistry, innovative materials

On average from 18 to 24 months for ...

Detection of technology, software, know-how ... → Declaration of invention → Analysis of technological maturity / market analysis → Deposit of Intellectual Property → Investment Maturation → Incubation startup

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