From public research to business innovation!

Our service offer

You are: a researcher, a company, a a start-up

Our services for researchers and laboratories

Developing and protecting your research results

  • Detecting your research results with development potential.
  • Managing intellectual property rights and development (search for partners, licensing).
  • Investing in the maturation of your invention.
  • Technological and legal watch, etc.


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Negotiating partnership research contracts

  • Assessing the partnership and its different issues, and analyzing the technical, economic and legal risks.
  • Negotiating with partners.
  • Drafting and finalizing partnership contracts.
  • Managing signing and traceability of the contracts.
  • Assessing and monitoring the partnership.
  • Advising on management of disputes, litigation and counterfeiting.


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Developing your expertise

  • Promoting your scientific expertise.
  • Providing assistance throughout the setup of your collaborative projects.
  • Negotiating partnership research contracts.
  • Mapping your skills.


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Advantages of AST

  • A single point of contact.
  • Our proximity: Based in Talence and Pau, we are in close geographical proximity to the laboratories.
  • Our investment capacity: €14 million over the next three years for the maturation of your innovations.
  • Our team of experts: Technology transfer, Legal, Intellectual property, Marketing, etc.

Our services for companies

Support for innovation

  • Support in your innovation process.
  • Access to validated innovations – Aquitaine Science Transfert absorbs the risk related to proof of concept thanks to its investments in maturation.
  • Access to cutting-edge scientific expertise.
  • Investment in your innovation projects.


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Partnering public research

  • Identifying the relevant laboratory or laboratories.
  • Drafting and finalizing partnership contracts.
  • Managing signing and traceability of the contracts.
  • Assessing and monitoring the partnership.


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Advantages of AST

  • Risk management: Our innovations are matured and tested thanks to our maturation investment fund.
  • A single point of contact: AST is the sole patent manager and licensee.
  • Time gains: Simple, faster procedures.
  • Our knowledge of public research in the Aquitaine region.
  • Support: A team of professionals at your side throughout our partnership.

Our services for start-ups : The Chrysa-link incubator

Support for the creation of an innovative company

  • Defining your business model.
  • Providing assistance in setting up your team: founders, Advisory Board, partners, etc.
  • Structuring your business plan.
  • Financing, via an incubation grant (repayable advance).

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Advantages of AST

  • Risk assessment and control: Our financial advance is repayable only if your project is successful.
  • Our experience: A team with a strong start-up experience.
  • Networking: AST provides access to all our institutional and private partners (Bpifrance, technology parks, local authorities, investment funds, etc.).