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chrysalink,The Aquitaine Science Transfer (AST) start-up incubator promotes the creation of deep tech start-ups based on breakthrough technologies, promised to high-potential markets, and we support all entrepreneurial initiatives, issues or backing to the work of neo-Aquitaine researchers.

This is how we supported from the start a few nuggets: Treefrog Therapeutics, Poietis, Carbon Waters, Argolight, ByThe Wave, Irisiôme, NFC-i, ... INCUBATION START-UP PROJECTS

Aquitaine Science Transfert has been the winner and leader of the French Tech Seed fund for the Aquitaine region since 2019, with its partners (the Agence de Développement et d'Innovation de Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the local technopoles Agropole, Hélioparc, Technopole Pays Basque, Bordeaux Technowest and Unitec).




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  • Your project is innovative
  • Based (or requiring) on ​​a technology or the know-how of an Aquitaine research laboratory
  • On the Aquitaine territory


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Our team

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Start-up Manager



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Entrepreneurship project manager

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Administrative assistant for incubation


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The chrysa-link start-up incubator

We support the creation process of your start-up, between 18 and 21 months before creation. Our method combines support, training and coaching, to provide you with the tools essential to your development.
One condition: the backing of public research in the Aquitaine region. To join the chrysa-link incubator, you must be from public research or propose a project that will be all or part backed by public research skills (see the list of laboratories and associated skills here).


Our incubation service offer


Our incubator supports you in a lean Start-up approach and draws on all of the skills of our organization to understand with you the dimensions of the market, intellectual property, legal, business, financing ... and supports you to:

  • Defining your business model
  • The constitution of your team
  • Looking for partners
  • Getting in touch with investors
  • Getting in touch with investors
  • Your locations,...



To offer the best chances to your Start-up, the AST incubator allows you to improve your skills on essential aspects.
  • Training pack: 5 compulsory modules: Lean start-up, Team, Market, Intellectual Property, Finance, implemented several times a year (4 to 6). 
    They break down on principle in:
    • A first initial collective awareness session with an external stakeholder
    • Personal work sessions in real situations in the field
    • Individual coaching sessions by the Start-up team and AST business experts
    • A collective session of feedback and experience sharing (in the presence of mentors and / or
  • Collaborative lunches: 2 hours per month, feedback from experience in the presence of a guest (expert, former incubators, startupper, ...) Event co-constructed with the promotion in progress according to his needs.


Aquitaine Science Transfert is the first investor in your start-up! Our financial support of € 20k in advance, repayable at 0% in the event of success, is concentrated on the fundamental services at the launch of your start-up.


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Get involved in a start-up project!

The team is the most important factor in the success of a business project. For certain start-up projects, Aquitaine Science Transfert wishes, as soon as possible, to set up a balanced founding team, competent with complementary profiles and an advisory board.


We are basically looking for three types of profiles:

  • Holders to found or co-found the start-up (CEO, CTO, ...)

  • Professionals to strengthen or co-found the company (business, but also technical, marketing, finance…)

  • Experts with a senior profile who have a good network to form an "advisory board"


Join our start-ups

  • You want to get involved in a start-up project,
  • You have start-up experience, a commercial or technical profile,
  • You have a good network



Join a start-up project


Fund you

Aquitaine Science Transfert is the first investor in your start-up! Our financial support is focused on:

  • Maturation: the development of your technology to bring it to the proof of concept (from 10K € to + 400K €).
  • Incubation: the fundamental services for launching your start-up (20K €)


This incubation budget will allow you to finance, among other things:

- Market studies, technical feasibility, ...

The call for legal, accounting, communication advice, ...

- Access to specific training