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BPH : Bordeaux population health – Research Center

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Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Digital exploitation of health data

Focuses of research & scientific skills

  • Psychoepidemiology of aging and chronic diseases
  • Infectious diseases in resource-limited countries
  • Integrative epidemiology and genetics of cerebral and vascular aging
  • Lifelong exposures health and aging
  • Biostatistics
  • Developmental Epidemiology, Promotion of Mental Health and Educational Success
  • Prevention and management of trauma
  • Epidemiology of cancers and environmental exposures
  • Drug and population health
  • Statistics for Translational Medicine
  • HIV, viral hepatitis and comorbidities: clinical epidemiology and public health
  • Economics and management of health organizations
  • Research team in computer science applied to health

Specific equipment, resources and techniques

Platforms supporting research

  • Cassiopée: Human and technical platform to better describe health phenomena, to understand and explain them, to participate in the evaluation of public health interventions by answering the specific questions of the territory and its actors.
  • GMA: Provides methodological advice for clinical and social studies in human and social sciences related to Alzheimer's disease and related diseases


  • Research and development
  • Service provision
  • Consulting / Expertise / Training




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