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CENBG: Nuclear Studies Center of Bordeaux Gradignan

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Domains Health and wellbeing

Technologies Advanced and active materials
Technologies for nuclear energy

Focuses of research & scientific skills


  • "exotic" nuclei in isospin (far from the beta stability valley) and rare radioactivity,
  • Neutrino physics (nature and mass) and double beta decay,
  • high energy gamma astronomy,
  • study of innovative systems of nuclear power generation and transmutation of nuclear waste,
  • study of nuclear excitations using lasers,
  • study of the interactions of ionizing radiation and biology,
  • theoretical study of the structure of nuclei and hadrons.


  • Downstream of the cycle and Nuclear Energy
  • Nuclear Excitations by Laser
    • Nuclear excitations in plasmas
    • Laser Accelerated Particle Beams 
  • Exotic nuclei
    • 2-proton radioactivity
    • Spectroscopy of nuclei rich in protons
    • Super Allowed Fermi Transitions
    • Nuclear structure and layer closures
  • Theoretical physics


  • ICS - Chemical Imaging and Speciation
    • Role of copper and zinc in the formation of synapses
    • Neurotoxicology of manganese
    • Neurotoxicology of uranium
    • Iron and alpha-synuclein in dopamine neurons
    • Cu and Zn in superoxide dismutase and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    • Copper deficiency, superoxide dismutase proteinopathy and Parkinson's disease
  • iRiBio
    • Cellular micro-irradiation and cancer
    • Chemical Microanalysis and Nanoparticles
    • Micro-dosimetry and numerical simulations
  • Radioactivity & Environment

Specific equipment, resources and techniques

  • AIFIRA Platform: Interdisciplinary Applications of Ion Beams in the Aquitaine Region
  • PIAGARA Platform: Interdisciplinary Platform for Analysis of Rare Gases in Aquitaine
  • PRISNA Platform : Regional Interdisciplinary Platform for Nuclear Spectrometry in Aquitaine

Technology transfer center

  • Arcane: Regional Workshop of Characterization by Elementary Nuclear Analysis



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