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Technologies Intelligent water management
Rapid diagnostic technologies (water, air, soil)

Focuses of research & scientific skills

Sedimentary systems and carbonate reservoirs

To understand the structural and diagenetic sedimentary processes at the origin of the heterogeneity of carbonate systems and reservoirs at different scales by associating the study of the architecture of sedimentary bodies, their temporal evolutions and the different mechanisms of transfer (hydrous, hydrodynamic , thermal, gas, ...)

  • Factors controlling the architecture and dynamics of sedimentary systems
  • Genesis and diagenesis of carbonate and siliciclastic reservoirs


Hydrogeology and environment

To understand the modalities of pressure, mass and energy transfer within complex aquifers (free or captive) subjected to natural / anthropic pressures by a multidisciplinary integrating approach (hydrodynamics, geochemistry, isotopy ...).

  • Transfer and recharge dynamics, interactions & exchanges within complex aquifers
  • Transfer of pollutants, decontamination of contaminated sites and soils, geoelectrical methods.
  • Imaging - Remote sensing

Specific equipment, resources and techniques


  • Water Chemistry hydrogeology
  • Microscopy, Microanalysis
  • Petrophysics / Geophysics


Within ENSEGID, a field of experimentation is dedicated to hydrological and hydrogeological measurements.

  • 1 complete weather station (rainfall, humidity, temperature, solar radiation, wind)
  • 3 monitoring devices for infiltration into the soil by tensiometric probes, water content (FDR) and capacitive.
  • Continuous hydrogeological monitoring equipment with autonomous pressure-temperature probe (20 Diver, 5 Troll-Level, 5 mini-Troll)
  • 1 instrumented lysimeter for monitoring, sampling and analysis of fluids in the unsaturated zone

Field materials:

  • 3 drilling pumps (5 to 12 m3 / h) with generators (2 kVA and 6 kVA)
  • surface pumps
  • 5 manual and 1 multi-parameter piezometric probes
  • 6 autonomous borehole probes for pressure, temperature and electrical conductivity
  • monitoring drilling logging equipment
  • current meters with propeller, Doppler effect, electromagnetic induction
  • 1 integrating rain gauge with sampling
  • 3 surface water samplers
  • 1 ultrasonic flow meter leveling equipment
  • 2 Terrain GPS with IGN background 1 hardened field compute


  • Research and development
  • Service provision
  • Consulting / Expertise / Training



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