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Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Unspecified

Focuses of research & scientific skills

Motor systems, action and posture:

  • Evaluation of muscle aging: distorted hypertonia, accelerated muscle aging in HIV-infected patients.
  • Evaluation of the biomechanics of the transfer-standing and the analysis of the motricity and the statics of the trunk,
    • Modeling of outpatient locomotor activities in hydrocephalic patients with normal pressure, hemiplegic patients, elderly people with gout, Parkinson's patients,
    • Impact of therapeutic interventions, and determination of indicators of functional improvement,
    • Functional and biomechanical impact of MPR and APA programs in elderly patients with sarcopenic or spinal deviations, sarcopenic HIV patients, vascular and parkinsonian hemiplegic subject


Cognition, communication, interaction

  • Study of reorganizations and individual compensation strategies, from sensorimotor perception to the cognitive field. Integration of business and cognitive models by bottom-up and / or top-down global approaches, supported by simulation and interaction technologies.
  • Home assistance and support applications easily added or removed in the living areas, according to the changing needs of the user on 3 axes daily activities, security, social and leisure


  • Research and development
  • Service provision
  • Consulting / Expertise / Training



Health/Well-being business-unit manager


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