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IMS : Integration: from Material to Systems Laboratory

Logo IMS : Integration: from Material to Systems Laboratory

Domains Security

Technologies Sensors
Modeling, simulation and numerical engineering
Internet of Things
Embedded and distributed systems, safe and secure
5G Infrastructures

Focuses of research & scientific skills

  • Modeling and elaboration of materials, sensors and microsystems,
  • Modeling, design, integration and reliability analysis of components, circuits and assemblies,
  • Identification, control, diagnosis, signal and image processing, conducting complex and heterogeneous processes.
  • Neuromorphic systems engineering, interaction of electromagnetic fields with living matter, cognitive and human engineering

Specific equipment, resources and techniques

Laboratory researchers rely on shared equipment in experimental platforms


They allow :

  • To test accelerated aging of electronic components and assemblies.
  • To assemble and monitor components
  • To design and build mechanical assemblies
  • To analyze the constructions, the failures and to study the reliability of the components.


They allow :

  • To characterize, heat and control materials with microwaves
  • To conduct studies in biology at the interface of physics (bio-electromagnetism) and electronics (bioelectronics).
  • To study the human factor and the use of technologies.
  • To carry out tests for the development of vehicles of the future
  • To evaluate the reliability of optoelectronic and photonic devices subjected to harsh environments
  • To predict the life of energy storage systems To produce electronic devices based on organic semiconductors
  • To produce and study an alternative technology to Microsystems Silicon
  • To test and analyze failures of integrated circuits and laser beam systems
  • To electrically characterize components and integrated circuits in silicon or III-V technologies

Technology transfer center

A2M: Microwave Workshop on Matter


  • Research and development
  • Service provision
  • Consulting / Expertise / Training


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