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LaBRI : Bordeaux Computer Science Laboratory

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Domains Security
Leisure & Culture

Technologies Modeling, simulation and numerical engineering
Internet of Things
Artificial intelligence
Secure Communications

Focuses of research & scientific skills

  • Combinatorics and Algorithmics: Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Graphs and Optimization, Distributed Algorithms, etc.
  • Image and sound: Image processing and analysis, Acquisition and rendering, Sound and interaction, etc.
  • Formal Methods: Modeling and verification, Logics, graphs and languages, etc.
  • Models and Algorithms for Bioinformatics and Visualization of Information: Computational Biology, Visual and Analytical Exploration of Massive Data, etc.
  • Programming, Networks and Systems: QoS and Security in Next Generation Networks, Software Engineering, etc.
  • Supports and Algorithms for High Performance Digital Applications: High Performance Algorithms and Applications, High Performance Executive Mounts, Phoenix, etc.

Specific equipment, resources and techniques


  • Simbals: Measure of musical similarity
  • InSpect: Spectral Analysis for Digital Sounds
  • RetroSpat: Spatialization of sound sources
  • Tulip: Information Visualization
  • Middleware: Highly mobile networks ad hoc

Technology Transfer Center

  • LaBRI Transfert


  • Research and development
  • Service provision
  • Consulting / Expertise / Training


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