From public research to business innovation!

Innovative mouthguard

A new generation intra-oral protection available at Decathlon, an innovation resulting from Bordeaux public research!

Philippe Poisson, researcher at the HACS laboratory (Handicap Activity Cognition Health, University of Bordeaux / Inserm), teacher at the University of Bordeaux and hospital practitioner at the Bordeaux University Hospital, imagined the new generation mouthguard. More protective than consumer products but also more affordable than tailor-made models, this innovative protection has been marketed by Decathlon since 2019, it is the result of many years of research and has benefited from the support of SATT Aquitaine.

Expert with the French Boxing Federation and actor in the medical follow-up of the national team, Philippe Poisson has always been sensitive to the issue of intra-oral protections, ranging from efficient but expensive tailor-made models to adaptable models that are more accessible but less protective and comfortable.


This is how he came up with the idea of ​​a new type of intra-oral protection intended for practitioners of combat or contact sports such as boxing, rugby, hockey or even handball. For many sports, it is recommended, if not required, to have sufficient protection of the teeth and jaw against impact when playing these sports.

In 2011, Philippe Poisson presented his invention of new generation intra-oral protection at Aquitaine Valo (the ancestor of SATT aquitaine). This new mouthguard is intended to be more protective and more comfortable for its user than the known mainstream models, while remaining within a range of affordable prices for the greatest number.

First originality, the maintenance of the thicknesses of this intra-oral protection after adaptation by thermo-modeling to the morphology of the user. The ease of adapting the mouthguard to the morphology makes it particularly attractive. Second major advantage: after adaptation, the mouthguard retains a space designed to allow air to pass through, allowing the user to ventilate better during exercise, while keeping the jaws tight, an important factor of protection and comfort.

The Decathlon group seized the opportunity to develop this new product, sold under the name MG 500 for their OUTSCHOCK, OFFLOAD and KOROK brands.

The result of several cooperations and the support of SATT Aquitaine

This project is also the fruit of several cooperations. First, as part of a research-business collaboration, Techniplast, located in La Brède (Gironde), contributed to the development of the project, providing its expertise in plastics for the design of the product. Then, the ENSAM of Bordeaux (National School of Arts and Crafts) participated in the development of a specific PIB test protocol as well as in the validation of the performance of the prototype. Finally, these prototypes were tested in real conditions by a panel of athletes, in order to get their feedback on this innovation.

SATT Aquitaine has invested € 198,400 in the technical and economic maturation of Philippe Poisson's invention, helping it on several points:

  • Market analysis to ensure the success of the project,
  • Formalization of support from the Region,
  • Intellectual protection by filing a patent,
  • Negotiation of the signing of a license with the Decathlon group in 2019.

A fine example of the promotion of public research results, the final product is now on sale in the shelves of Decathlon stores under the name MG 500, available under several brands depending on the discipline concerned: OUTSHOCK for combat sports, OFFLOAD for rugby and KOROK for ice hockey.

The major dates


/ Philippe Poisson presents his intra-oral protection project in Aquitaine-Valo.


/ Filing of an intellectual property patent.


/ SATT Aquitaine Science Transfert is investing € 198,400 in the technical and economic maturation of the invention.


/ Signature of a non-exclusive license with Decathlon for the marketing of the innovative product under the name MG500.


/ To be continued…


Philippe Poisson, University Lecturer at the HACS laboratory (Handicap Activity Cognition Health, of the University of Bordeaux), Hospital practitioner, inventor of intra-oral protection:

"The intervention of SATT Aquitaine was fundamental in analyzing the market, formalizing the support of the region, ensuring compliance and the level of patent protection, providing expertise in negotiations with Decathlon in order to find the best win-win compromise."