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LEDµSF: Portable spectrofluorimeter using LED sources for non-invasive analysis of cultural heritage artworks

Domain Leisure & Culture

Technology Modeling, simulation and numerical engineering



  • UV fluorescence analyzes for different types of organic materials: (natural binders, wax, resin, varnish, polymer materials).
  • Items that can be analyzed using this method are: mural, easel painting, polychrome on wood or stone, dyestuff material, binders,  etc.
  • Scientific analysis of the materials in a piece of artwork answers various issues:
    • Characterization of pictorial techniques,
    • restoration assistance,
    • diagnosis of the state of conservation,
    • authentication by research of potential falsification.


  • Miniaturized, portable and lightweight microspectrofluorimeter device (200-1000 nm),
  • Use of LED sources to collect bands of fluorescence emission of materials stimulated by UV radiation,
  • A database of reference spectra of pigments and binders will be available.


  • Lightweight and contactless system,
  • Ease and speed of use for data acquisition,
  • Modular system : Selected LED (285, 375 nm) according to materials analysed,
  • Non-invasive and non-destructive system,
  • Power adjusted by filters,
  • Remote triggering system and possibility to set integration time.


The maturation with Aquitaine Science Transfert leds to the realization of a functional prototype



Floréal DANIEL

Institut de recherche sur les Archéomatériaux–Centre de recherche en physique appliquée à l’archéologie (IRAMAT-CRP2A,UMR 5060)


Sylvain LAZARE

Institute of Molecular Sciences (ISM, UMR 5255)


Patent application : WO 2016/102905


Elodie DURU