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LIS: Lung Imaging Software

Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Imaging Technologies for Health


The quantification of pulmonary alterations has become critical, in particular due to the advent of new therapies, creating a need for patient monitoring. Visual severity scores lack robustness and reproducibility. Quantification tools adapted to pathologies of the airways or pulmonary interstitials are required.

The advent of AI is expected to expand the analysis tools, but requires the possibility of multicentric data sharing, as well as imagery tags.

A double interface allowing on the one hand a simple clinical use and on the other hand the possibility of creating algorithms would be optimal in a context of rapid evolution of clinical practices.

Innovative solution

LIS is the only complete solution to date bringing together new tools: it offers on the same platform the possibility of approaching both pulmonary CT and MRI on a quantitative side.


  • Visualization of CT/MR Lung Imaging
  • Anonymization, sharing of imagery data
  • Image segmentation and quantification
  • Help with diagnosis, follow-up and prognosis
  • Improved image quality


For companies :

  • To be a pioneer in a new post-processing market by offering radiologists the possibility of monitoring pulmonary pathologies in MRI without irradiation.
  • Original methods notably based on AI, trained on cohorts of patients unique to date.

For CROs:

  • Monitoring of endpoints for the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatments.

How it works

Lung CT:

  • quantification of airway alterations
  • quantification of alterations of the pulmonary interstitium Lung


  • quantification of signal abnormalities of chronic lung pathologies
  • image quality improvement tool


  • lung CT and MRI quantification tool
  • data anonymization, sharing and tagging tool

Software screenshot


Automated AI detection of alterations in a patient with cystic fibrosis


  • LIS is in the process of integrating existing software bricks into a single demonstrator..


Gaël DOURNES, Fabien BALDACCI, Baudoin DENIS DE SENNEVILLE, François LAURENT et Patrick BERGER : CRCTB / LaBRI / IMB (université de Bordeaux, CNRS, Bordeaux-INP, Inserm, CHU de Bordeaux)


2 patents :

  • PCT/EP2020/065380
  • PCT/EP2017/062925

3 softwares :

  • IDDN.FR.001.090040.000.S.P.2018.000.21000
  • IDDN.FR.001.090042.000.S.P.2018.000.21000
  • IDDN.FR.001.090041.000.S.P.2018.000.21000



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