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AICHA : Atlas of Intrinsic Connectivity of Homotopic Areas

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Technologie Valorisation et intelligence des données massives


AICHA is a brain regional atlas dedicated to the anatomical / functional human MRI data analysis. AICHA parcellation provides a regional functional homotopic description of the brain making it a powerful tool for the study of brain hemispheric asymmetries.

Aicha is ideally suited for instrinsic/effective correctivity analyses, as well as for investigating brain hemispheric specialization.

Potentiel users: neuroimaging laboratories


Acquired in 281 individuals the AICHA atlas includes 192 couples of homotopic regions for a total of 384 regions. AICHA is provided in the MNI stereotaxic space (MNI ICBM 152, Template sampling size of 2x2x2 mm3 voxels; bounding box, x = -90 to 90 mm, y = -126 to 91 mm, z = -72 to 109 mm).

Each region get a pseudo-color with odd number for region belong to the left hemisphere and even for the right. Each homotopic pair is labeled with an odd number (Left) and the following even number (Right).


  • Atlas of ROIs that covers the entire cerebral gray matter using a parcellation scheme based on the intrinsic connectivity of homotopic areas.
  • Atlas is useful for connectivity and graph analysis of resting-state and task-related functional imaging data.




Neurofunctional Imaging Group (GIN-IMN, UMR 5296)

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This technology is protected by a code deposit at the Program Protection Agency




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