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CINSARC : Complexity INdex in SARComas

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Technologie Métaomique



  • Around 30,000 new cases of sarcomas are diagnosed every year in the US and EU
  • Sarcomas are rare cancers for which treatments and prognoses can vary widely
  • The classification and prediction of the metastasis risk is particularly difficult and currently the analysis is based on a histological grade.
  • Such analysis is not very accurate and can often leads to sub-optimal patient management


  • A molecular signature (67 genes) was identified by a multidisciplinary team of researchers in Bordeaux and published in Nature Medicine in 2010.
  • This signature, called CINSARC (Complexity INdex in SARComas), allows the classification of patients into 2 subgroups of good or poor prognosis depending on the metastasis risk.
  • Applicable for NGS and CGH-array analysis of frozen and FFPE tumor material
  • Efficacy retrospectively validated in the majority of sarcomas through tumor samples


  • CINSARC is more predictive than the histological grading
  • CINSARC is the future gold standard in sarcoma medical practice


The maturation with Aquitaine Science Transfert led to the validation of the CINSARC signature predictive value


Frederic CHIBON
Jean-Michel COINDRE
Actions for onCogenesis understanding and Target Identification in ONcology
(ACTION, U 1218)

Propriété intellectuelle

Patent application: WO 2010/122243 A1


Nom : Christophe Zabawinski
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