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High power Ytterbium pumped femtosecond Optical Parametric Oscillator

Domaines Santé et Bien-être

Technologie Modélisation, simulation et ingénierie numérique


The potential application areas of OPOs are very diverse.

Some examples are:

  • Multiphoton excitation,
  • Terahertz imaging,
  • Confocal microscopy,
  • Atomic and molecular spectroscopy.


  • Our Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) pumped is based on fan poled OPO crystal pumped by a self-mode locked Yb:Fiber laser.
  • It makes it possible to deliver sub-100 fs pulses which duration is limited by the spectrum.
  • The central wavelength of the pulses is tunable from 1.3 µm to 1.95 µm and the average power is up to 2 W.
  • The typical M2 is better than 1.2 and the repetition rate, typically in between 40 MHz and 100 MHz, is locked to pump laser.
  • An easier option is available and makes it possible to cover the spectral ranging from 2.2 µm to 5 µm.


  • Sub 100 fs pulses,
  • Cover the spectral ranging from 2.2 µm to 5 µm
  • high average power (up tio 2W),
  • fully automated,
  • low-cost system


Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine (LOMA, UMR 5796)


Matthieu AYFRE


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