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BIOACTIM : BIOACTIVE TOOTH IMPLANT - Patented concept for an innovative bone implant connection

Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Bio-embedded devices


Current implants can lead to failures as:

  • Implant instability
  • Micro-movements
  • Infection
  • Bone loss
  • Screw-implant loosening

15-20% population in developed countries suffer from severe periodontitis, it is a major public health problem.

Innovative solution

This new implant design ensures stabilization and primary connection thanks to a "Press-Fit" Effect.


  • Orthopedics :
    • Dental implant
    • Any bone-implant assembly

Competitives advantages

  • Implant Concept - “Material-Process-Product”
  • Works as a periodontal ligament
  • Improves continuously the bone growth
  • Improves sealing and stiffness control
  • Simplifies tools, implementation and extraction
  • Reduces durations and costs of medical care
  • Allows modularity or customization


Proof-of-Concept demonstrated, analytically and experimentally :

  • Numerical Comparisons with Models from the Market
  • Analysis of the bone tissue distribution into the mandible (Bone Reports)
  • Numerical Simulations and Mechanical Characterization in Foams

Next steps :

  • Numerical Simulations and Mechanical Characterization on ex-vivo Bones
  • Biological Trials on Minipigs (Centre for Innovative Technology)

How it works

This new kind of implants decrease the risk of peri-implantitis by transferring the load to the middle of the implant vs. top of the implant for screw-retained implants.

It promotes osseointegration and the primary bone-implant connection.

The solution combines :

  • Elastic implant: mimics the natural tooth / bone interaction
  • Non-screwed implant: Manual expansion / relaxation of the implant
  • Mesh structure implant: optimal osseointegration
  • Biocompatible implant: composite material Titanium / Niobium / Zirconium
  • Standard dimensions: Ø from 3 to 5mm, L from 10 to 15mm
  • Production process by additive manufacturing

Implant pre-concept. Post-implantation profile (left) and implantation profile (right) with elastic possible radial variations under axial loadings.


Developed by Michel Mesnard PhD. & MSc. Mechanical Engineering at Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (I2M)


Priority deposit n°2006780








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Ref: #SBE_2019-047_202102

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