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New lipophilic formulation of α-tocopherol

Domain Health and wellbeing

Technology Metaomic


Topically applied vitamin E α-tocopherol can inhibit UVR-induced DNA damage. However, α-tocopherol has several limitations including poor photostability and poor topical formulation solubility due to its hydrophobicity. Retention in the stratum corneum is also a limitation.

Innovative solution

New lipophilic formulation of α-tocopherol coupled to a nucleolipid through an ester. Can be considered as a Prodrogue


  • Cosmetic : anti-UV cream

  • Ophthalmology


  • Lipophilic

  • Stable : not photo-sensitive

  • Sustained release

  • Better protection against UVA exposure and ROS

  • Cheap raw materials

How it works

The prodrug developed consists of a nucleolipid part and an antioxidant one (α-tocopherol for example). The active ingredient is therefore released only under the action of esterases present in the epidermis or in corneal epithelium, which ensures its photostability.

If necessary, it can also be dispersed in a nano emulsion to ensure not only slow diffusion but also better passage of biological barriers.


Developed by a research team : ARNA (université de Bordeaux, Inserm, CNRS)


FR 2105088 « Antioxidant nucleolipid prodrug, pharmaceutical composition for its administration and therapeutic uses thereof »



License and/or R&D collaboration (Possible Co-funding)




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