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3D Model of lymphoma

Domaine Santé et Bien-être

Technologie Ingénierie tissulaire et cellulaire


First DLBCL (Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma) 3D model for high-throughput drug screening and personalized medicine.

  • Drug discovery for DLBCL treatment
  • Pre-clinical tests for response to treatment and patients orientation


  1. Increase success rate of new molecules in clinical phases
  2. Huge economic potential


Therapeutic failures are due to the absence of relevant models for testing new drugs and the lack of adequate testing to guide treatment for each patient individually.

  • Need to identify new therapeutic targets: 40-50% of patients are resistant or relapse
  • Need to develop new study models:
    • conventional suspension culture of primary tumor cells of patients fail because non-Hodgkin lymphomas are dependent on the microenvironment
    • xenografts in mice have limitations: expensive, not very reproducible, can not be used large scale, do not mimic the microenvironment tumor

Competitive advantages of our solution

  • Mimesis of the niche of lymphatic ganglion: architecture, bio-mechanical constraints, microenvironment of lymphoma
  • Large-scale production and reproducibility : 5000 capsules per second of uniform size
  • Ease of manipulation and transport: possibility of recovering cells spheroids for analysis


  • Spheroids models have a more faithful response to chemotherapy
  • Good yield compatible with high-throughput screening
  • Low cost of production, process compatible with industrial requirements



Laboratory U1218


Dr. Pierre NASSOY

Laboratory UMR5298 LP2N


Dr Karin TARTE

Laboratory UMR 1236


Expertise : Lymphoma and leukemia mechanisms understanding. Growth of organoids or tumor models from encapsulated cells within a shell of porous hydrogel.







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