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PROJANUS : Mass production process of bifunctional particles for cosmetic & high-tech applications

Domains Health and wellbeing

Technology Advanced and active materials


Projanus is a new process which can modify any conductive micro or nano object, into an asymmetric and bifunctional micro or nano object
The induced anisotropy, for example in color, charge density, hydrophilicity or reflective index, paves the way towards various applications, because Janus particles are interesting for numerous industries such as : 

  • Micro and nanoelectronics
  • Chemical catalysis
  • Stabilization of emulsions,
  • Therapeutic,
  • Medical imagery,
  • Photovoltaics


The technique, based on bipolar electrochemistry, is very versatile It gives access to a large variety of Janus particles in terms of base materials, as well as size, form and nature of the modification layer

The process allows formation of Janus particles from 200 microns to 50 nanometers, isotropic or anisotropic, with a controlled form and shape.


This new production technique for asymmetrical particles allows :

  • Mass production of particles,
  • Increased manufacturing speed (few minutes),
  • Size control of particles (from 200µm to 50nm),
  • Moderate cost,
  • Possible Scale-Up for the industry ( three dimensional technique)



Alexander KUHN

Institute of Molecular Sciences
(ISM, UMR 5255)


Patent application: WO 2012/085399 A1


Christian MASSUS



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